Thursday, May 5, 2016

Reverso by Christian Louboutin

To celebrate its 85th birthday in due style, the Reverso appears arrayed in festive garments.

Christian Louboutin offers his inimitably rich and original take on this model, thereby revealing unexpected facets of its personality.

Actress and social entrepreneur Elisa Sednaoui.

Actress and social entrepreneur Elisa Sednaoui takes the lead role in the film Reverso by Christian Louboutin. The Jaeger-LeCoultre friend of the brand plays an independent, impatient and attractive woman who changes watch in step with her activities and her outfits. Christian Louboutin shows up to swivel the case of the Reverso Scarababe on Elisa Sednaoui’s wrist, a friendly move that appears to make the watch spring to life under the amused gaze of its owner.

“The short movie is a reflection on the mind’s ability to affect the passage of time. With impatience, time slows down and every tick of the watch seems to last an eternity; our heroine is waiting for the day to finish, the cake to bake, the courier to arrive… And finally, when the friend arrives, time, like a beating heart, accelerates wildly with the joy of seeing a loved one. A simple flick of the wrist reverses the watch and time”, explains Olga de Grèce, who directed the film.

Reverso by Christian Louboutin.

For Elisa Sednaoui “Reverso is the perfect combination of elegance and minimalism. It's effortlessly classy, a true jewel which completes any outfit. It has been a companion, in both day to day life and Venice's red carpet …”

Reverso by Christian Louboutin
“I understood that the Reverso’s iconic Art Deco lines and very specific format could be customized and changed, but never improved. The exciting part is not about enhancing the Reverso, but instead offering a different perception of it through inventive suggestions expressed on the space available for decoration and on the strap. I have always loved the shape of the watch, and would never have agreed to this project if I had not been deeply convinced that I loved the original design of this object”, says Christian Louboutin.

The creative designer thus envisaged the Reverso models in the same way that one creates a jewelry collection, giving each one a strong, original identity. Exuberant, transparent, glowing or ultra-feminine, the Reverso is clothed as if for an exceptional event, an evening that promises to be unforgettable. Available in two sizes, the Reverso Classic Duetto chosen for this transformation retains its emblematic face on the front, with pure, classical Art Deco lines, while the back, framed by two rows of diamonds on either side of the dial, takes on a delightfully crazy touch infused by Christian Louboutin. This inspired approach extends onto the strap.

“On such a small item, I wanted to include and play with ideas from the expansive worlds of color, shape, reflections and transparency,” he continues.

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