Friday, May 20, 2016

Roger Dubuis Partners with the FFF Racing Team

Roger Dubuis is a major partner with FFF Racing Team for the 2016 season. 

As the 2016 racing season gears up, ready to roar into action, Roger Dubuis lines up on the starting grid of GT championship racing in the world-class company of the FFF Racing Team recently created by the 31 year-old Chinese tycoon Fu Songyang.

Multiple parallels can be drawn between the world of motorsports and that of Roger Dubuis, including dedication to performance and precision, along with a determination to stay ahead of the pack.

First and foremost, however, their natural affinities are based on a shared and relentless obsession with incredible mechanics, expressed through finely tuned engines and equally state-of-the-art, meticulously honed movements.

Moreover, this compelling enthusiasm for technical complexity is backed by an equally powerful penchant for sophisticated design conveyed through streamlined bodywork as well as in the sleek exteriors of Roger Dubuis timepieces.

Roger Dubuis will sponsor five GT supercars this season. 

Much like the high-caliber Hong Kong-based FFF Racing Team that is dedicated to providing a “professional platform for the discerning driver to race alongside the elite in the most prestigious GT racing arenas in Europe and Asia”, the Geneva-based Maison shows an undeniable ability to compete with the best and attract connoisseurs of discerning taste. This specialist of architectural and technical mechanics is reputed for its innovative work in the realm of double lying tourbillons as well as contemporary skeleton calibers.

Given its whole-hearted nature manifested in all its endeavors, Manufacture Roger Dubuis has opted to sign a partnership as primary sponsor of the FFF Racing Team.

Composed of both professional and amateur drivers, FFF Racing competes in key GT events in a number of prestigious locations, and is known for offering fascinating immersion experiences reminiscent of those provided by Roger Dubuis for visitors to its manufacture.

This cooperation will encompass 15 races across Europe and Asia, notably as part of the Le Mans Cup raced on such legendary tracks as Imola and Le Mans, as well as the GT Asia championship with events held in Korea, Japan and China. The latter motorsports-loving nation will also host the GT World Cup in Macau and a dedicated FFF event in Shanghai where Roger Dubuis will naturally be present!

Sophisticated engines housed in sleek exteriors
reflect the Roger Dubuis approach to watchmaking.

Staging Mechanical Experiences
Within the framework of this prestigious partnership, five GT supercars (two Lamborghinis and three McLarens used by FFF), driven by five professional drivers, will be proudly competing in the colors of the manufacture.

VVIP guests will enjoy behind-the-scenes access offering them a chance to immerse themselves in the racing universe: a dynamic, people-oriented approach entirely in tune with the Roger Dubuis lair for staging mechanics in aesthetically appealing ways making for memorable experiences.

“Roger Dubuis and the FFF Racing Team share a fascination for – and in-depth knowledge of – what we like to call haute mécanique, the high-octane mechanical equivalent of haute couture. This partnership embodies our intrinsic values and priorities as a specialist of architectural and technical mechanics,” said Jean-Marc Pontroué, CEO Roger Dubuis.

Excalibur Quatuor Special Edition

Bespoke Edition
To mark this auspicious cooperation, Roger Dubuis is issuing an eight-piece limited edition of its already iconic Excalibur Quatuor, introduced in 2013 and whose affinities with the world of racing are vividly apparent.

This stunning model features pink gold accents creating a warm and striking contrast with the charcoal rhodium-plated finishing as well as with the black DLC titanium case. This timepiece sporting the FFF logo at 12 o’clock clearly displays its revolutionary means of compensating for the earth’s gravity by means of four sprung balances together with five differentials. And talking about the kind of stats to which R&D teams in the automotive world can easily relate, the Excalibur Quatuor was the result of five years of research, 24 months of effective development, 21 watchmaking crafts and 40 people involved in the project.

These bespoke timepieces entirely worthy of the legendary Excalibur collection will be presented during the Shanghai and Macau events and the inimitable Quatuor design will also be featured in selected areas.

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