Thursday, June 30, 2016

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Tour Continues

The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Tour continues.

Vacheron Constantin has invited the legendary photographer Steve McCurry to share his unique perspective on the world to illustrate the new Overseas collection, the horological embodiment of its “spirit of travel.”

The maison and Steve McCurry have chosen to roam the world in 12 locations, little-known and sometimes inaccessible sites captured by the lens of the photographer, that chime with the fundamental values of Vacheron Constantin.

The maison now unveils the third and fourth locations of the Overseas Tour:

Aqueduct of Padre Tembleque

Aqueduct of Padre Tembleque, Mexico: Time for Transmission
Designed to channel water through the Mexican desert, this ruggedly beautiful aqueduct is the architectural proof of complex expertise and in-depth technological knowledge. This monumental work born out of the encounter of the Roman and Pre-Columbian civilizations built between 1553 and 1570 and stretching from Zempoala to Otumba, spans an incredible 45 kilometers.

Steve McCurry’s perspective: “You fully grasp the visual strength of this aqueduct when you realize that it was built over 500 years ago with absolutely perfect symmetry. I see it as a work with a poetic structure, placed right in the middle of nowhere.”


Tsurunoyu, Japan: Time for Rituals
In Japanese, onsen means “hot spring”. It is the name given to thermal baths, regarded as poetic, ritual and sacred places. In the province of Akita, the beauty of the Onsen emanates from the presence of unspoiled yet well mastered natural elements – water, steam and the environment – that never undermine the humble, pared-down simplicity of the establishment. This is a place where no one is entitled to immerse themselves in these hot springs bursting forth from the earth without following a specific ritual paying tribute to the serenity of purification.

Steve McCurry’s perspective: “This was one of the most inspirational locations on my photographic journey. When we arrived there, it had been snowing for three days. Everything was shrouded in a mantle of white, as if in a dream. It was truly fascinating to witness this magical contrast between the coldness of the snow and the warmth of the baths.”

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