Sunday, December 18, 2016

Clerc: Aquatic Treasure

Hydroscaph Central Chronograph Small Second

By James Lamdin

Clerc watches are steeped in family tradition, but not anchored to convention.

The thin central hands count the minutes and seconds.

These days, it seems like every brand worth its salt (water) is offering a dive watch. Even so, none are anything like Clerc.

To say that the Geneva-based company manufactures tool watches is only partly correct. The association is certainly a positive one, and brands that focus exclusively on creating no-frills tools solely designed for technical applications are generally lauded for their quality precision instruments. And yet, Clerc rises above the fray with purpose-built wrist machines for real-life adventurers. But to its credit, the brand shuns traditional design to create watches that are truly unlike anything else.

It can freely be said that Clerc walks its own path. And without fail, that path leads straight to water.

On the Edge
For divers, nothing is more important than knowing their limits. Depth, temperature, visibility and navigation are all of paramount importance, not to mention time. For the modern diver, an array of digital dive computers are available to take the guesswork out of monitoring dive time, but as any seasoned diver will tell you, a mechanical backup is more than just a nostalgic trinket.

Hydroscaph H1 Chronometer Carbon Edition

Clerc knows this lesson well as demonstrated by the Hydroscaph Central Chronograph Small Second, a watch for those who demand a serious mechanical tool for a 
serious sport.

Unlike most diver’s chronographs, however, it features a central chronograph function, in which the sweeping seconds is moved to a smaller, subsidiary register. The two chronograph hands in the center count seconds and totalize the minutes up to a full hour. In short, Clerc makes the diver’s chronograph much easier to read and use underwater in real-life applications.

Fortunately, all of this functionality doesn’t come at the expense of great design. The watch comes in an array of handsome colors and casing materials, including steel with a blue dial or black ADLC with a matching black dial, perfect for unleashing your inner SEAL!

Hydroscaph H1 Vancouver Bay Edition

Both feature Clerc’s signature case design, which is both futuristic and technical while avoiding anything superfluous. Chronograph operation is managed from beautifully sculpted hinged pushers on the right side of the case while a distinctive locking mechanism at 10 o’clock rotates the bezel.

Comfort and Style
Clerc’s commitment to cutting-edge technology has led it to embrace carbon fiber in a special version of its time-only diver, the Hydroscaph H1 Chronometer Carbon Edition. The use of this ultra-light material, in tandem with scratch-resistant DLC-coated steel and blue accents, forms a dashing alliance that is irresistibly handsome.

For the watch enthusiast who has everything, you’d do well to consider the Hydroscaph H1 Vancouver Bay Edition. The particular color combination celebrates Clerc’s partnership with Sub Aviator Systems. Manufacturers of some of the most technologically advanced private submersibles in the world, Sub Aviator Systems products are as cutting edge as Clerc’s, and the partnership is all about pushing towards a future in which mankind can explore deeper and longer, enjoying all that the oceans have to offer.

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